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Conception and implementation of management systems


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Conception and implementation of management systems

The implementation of a management system represent the first step to european adherence and assure a good management for company's activities, competitive advantages and credibility in front of your partners.

NETPLUS offer consulting services for management system adoption :

  • quality : ISO 9001
  • quality / medical devices : EN 13485, EN 13488 and EN 46001
  • environment : ISO 14001
  • health aliment: HACCP - DS 3027E
  • health and occupational security : OHSAS 18001
  • sterilization process : EN 550, EN 552 and EN 554
  • combinations of systems above mentioned, including products accordance certification ( CE or CS) if is necessary.

According as the client needs and objectives, NETPLUS advise an adequate consulting plan:


Methodological consulting plan

This plan is specific to companies that use a scientific management, keeps 3 months and accentuate the performance and efficiency criteria. The principal characterizes are:

  • the processes are identified and classified with attention, following to include at a large level statistics technicals and informatics methods for monitoring and control.
  • the employers experience is use at maximum , what will assure that the management system resulted will be efficient and applicable.
  • resistance to changes and the chance of appearance internal conflicts are minimized, because the company's employers participate active in all phases of conception - implementation.
  • there, where is need, system management documentation will be elaborate in english or French, that will permit to promote the system management in external areas and annalyze by International Systems.
  • the resulted system correspond client's requests and reference standards requests.


Quick consulting plan

This plan is useful to companies that wants quick an ISO 9001 certificate and is not longer than 1 month.

  • employers activity is minim, the management system documentation is made all most integral by NETPLUS.
  • client's effort consist in analyzing and validation the resulted documentation and then to produce the facts that will attest system conformity with standard's requests.
  • in most case, the resulted system will be strict limited to the reference standard's requests.


Any plan is choose, the consulting program's phases are :

  • preliminary discussion to determinate the client's needs.
  • diagnostic audit (evaluating the fact status of organization).
  • composing and training the implementation team.
  • system projection and elaborate necessarily documentation.
  • implementation (applying procedures);
  • intern audit.
  • management analyzes.
  • system certification by an organization choosed.
  • after certification assistance.

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