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Consulting for products accordance certification


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Consulting for products accordance certification

Commercialization in European Union States and in Romania for some products is admissible only after the demonstration act that products keep the essential requests agreed in european directives and/or in applicable standards. This products category include construction materials, electric and electronic equipment, medical devices, toys, etc.

On the products that respect essential requests, Certification System notificated grant to applied the conformity stamp CE(ore CS) with his id.

NETPLUS offer complete consulting services for products accordance certification :

  • assigning allowable applicable cadre : european directives, laws, standards, etc
  • identificating Certification Systems notificated in European Union and contacting them to obtain certifications rulls and price lists
  • assistance for elaborating needed documentation and records that prove traversation of the steps
  • assistance for implementation the quality management system, if is necessary
  • assistance for all the certification process for products or system.

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